My Journey

Let me guess: Your career is super-successful and impressive on all levels. You can measure your impact, and your reach is wide. You work hard, and it shows.

But let me also guess: You’re absolutely exhausted. You’re overwhelmed with stress. The amount of work you need to pack into the day is crazy-making. You’re probably eating too much or drinking too much or shopping too much. Your sleep isn’t great, and your health is suffering.

I know this journey, because it was mine, too. 

I used to solve big world problems, working in international development for USAID, the State Department and the World Bank. I helped establish the Botswana Stock Exchange, worked on solutions for malaria and created systems for improving trade throughout the Caribbean. I managed 120 consultants for 10 economic growth and trade projects in 38 countries, totaling $45 million in just one year. 

But I wasn’t happy. I was working all the time – and for some bosses who were, quite frankly, jackasses. I would have panic attacks and sleepless nights as corporate nonsense swirled in my head. In between crying jags, I’d wonder: “Was this all that life is?” I felt confided to a box in which I didn’t belong. 

I bet you can relate.

I had to make a change. I took every opportunity I could. I moved to San Francisco to learn about start-ups. I accepted a job working in sales in Playa del Carmen. With hard work and hustle, in the span of two years, I was able to work remotely full-time in tech recruiting, business management, strategy and education. I was living by the beach, spending a fraction of what I used to and enjoying more free time for friends, family and fun than I ever had.

In my life as a digital nomad, I worked and traveled first in Mexico and then on to 10 other countries. Today, my days are filled not with the drudgery of work, but with my own hobbies, healthy exercise and personal goals. I’m debt-free and filled with energy to make deeper connections with those around me. I work where I want and with whom I want. 

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It is. And it’s possible for you, too!

The transition wasn’t easy, and it didn’t happen overnight. I’m ready to work with you to share the lessons I’ve learned along the way. Together, we can create a plan for you to leave your burn-out behind and find the freedom you deserve. Let’s get started! Click here to schedule time to chat and let’s see about potentially working together!

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