It takes real work to get here. But, it doesn’t have to take a lifetime to live the life you love! I can help you get the life you’ve dreamed of much sooner. I have lived overseas for 11 years in 11 countries, working a variety of digital jobs.

To create a life you love, we first have to break down your limiting beliefs and these crazy long timelines you’ve given yourself. You don’t have to wait 3-5 years.

We need to strip down this complicated life you’ve built so you have room for the new one – a simple and happy one. This is your new future, built on you choosing what you want to do every day, where you want to live, and with whom you want to do life!

The 1:1 package is where we deep dive into your belief systems and those nagging excuses or better known as your bullshit that are holding you hostage + dream + map out your new life + book those tickets for you to be on the road within 6 months! 

The only way to accomplish this is to get you to light on fire those excuses and old expectations of how you should live your life and build out your strategy on how to make this lifestyle a reality. 

It includes: 

  • expertise from a 11-year digital nomad who has lived in 11 countries
  • 3 months of intense 1:1 game-changing, action-packed work
  • Weekly, hour-long coaching calls
  • Travel hacks (valued at $2000+)

This is action-packed, focused on you, and your transformation. This is an exciting time! 🙂

Requirements: You must be committed, coachable, and able to get on a plane within 6 months. I want the best for you and work is required for results! 

Details of the coaching program: 

My coaching helps burnt-out or stuck corporates learn how to break free from the 9-5 life, so they can have a balanced life with more financial, location, and time freedom overseas. The goal is to be living overseas within 6 months. Let the adventure begin!

1st Month – Building the Foundation

I don’t want you to waste time floundering. This is a shortcut to getting you where you want sooner  using my experience and expertise as a 10 year digital nomad who has lived in 11 countries. This is so you don’t go home with no money. And, so you don’t get in the cycle of going overseas and then return back to replenish funds and/or reflect on what you want. 

I did that … but you do NOT!

This is to set you up for success saving you time, money, and headaches using the skills you already have or can learn quickly. We will deep dive into why you want this lifestyle. 

The majority of people I’ve met traveling return home because they don’t have a solid plan in place or their why isn’t strong enough. Those same people message me months later asking for help … usually with the exact same problem they’ve had 6 months or a year earlier. Let’s tackle those problems together!

2nd Month – Getting from Current Reality to Your Dream 

We will get clear on what is holding you back and what your dream really looks like. We will slay those damn excuses! We will build out your dream. What does your ideal day look like? We will determine where you will move! Who you will surround yourself with.

3rd Month – Implementation

How are you going to sustain this lifestyle? We will delve into online job options or options for starting your own business based on your dream.

You’ll get help with all the overwhelming logistics: visas, bank stuff, how to stay in contact with friends while overseas, SIM cards, travel insurance, and itinerary.

I’ll help you set expected budget for overseas living and travel. 

Begin to build out your community/tribe for desired location.

You will be held accountable to show your progress each week. 

I am excited to help you start this new lifestyle! Remember, you deserve it all! 

Now, let’s get started! Click here to schedule your free discovery call to see if we could potentially work together.

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